Real Phones!

   (not toys)

When there was trouble in Gotham City on the Batman TV show in the 1960s, Police Commissioner Gordon used a special red Batphone to call Batman, who was really Bruce Wayne.

A flashing and beeping Batphone was answered quickly at Wayne Manor. Then Wayne and his young ward Dick Grayson ("Robin") put on their superhero suits and sped from the Batcave in their Batmobile to battle evil or rescue citizens in distress.

Now anyone can have a flashing red Batphone just like a superhero! And you can even have a protective dome over your Batphone like the Batphone in Police Commissioner Gordon's office.

Our Batphones are normally used for answer-only, but they can make calls if connected to a phone system with memory dialing, or our Batphone hotline dialer module, Batkeypad or a ringdown circuit (for intercom use).

Our Batphones are NOT toy phones. They are genuine, office-quality telephones, made in the USA, with classic sixties styling, and FIVE-YEAR warranties. You can choose from three different ringing sounds or no sound at all. Each phone is tested before shipping. Shipping is free to any destination in the USA -- even if your Batcave is in Hawaii or Alaska. We ship Batphones to most countries.




Our genuine Batphones are available in traditional red and Dark Knight black.
We have Batphones for use on horizontal surfaces and for wall-mounting.

Our Batphones were inspired by the Batman character co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger that appeared in Detective Comics, DC Comics, on ABC television, and in movies and cartoons. We have no relationship with or sanction from any of them.  We thank them all.

Sure, birthday cakes are nice, but they don't last very long.  One of our genuine Batphones can provide a lifetime of fun, and memories.

We've recently supplied Batphones to Adam West, who played Batman in the original 1960s Batman TV series, and Donald Trump, who played Donald Trump in the Celebrity reality shows and later was elected president of the USA.


The man who ordered Donald's Batphone said he figured it was the only thing that billionaire Donald didn't have already.

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Batphone giftees
Batphones in strange places

Most of our genuine Batphones are bought and used for fun, but sometimes they have serious functions.


  1. We supplied a pair of Batphones and a ringdown circuit to a courthouse. If there is danger in a courtroom, the judge picks up the handset on his Batphone and it instantly calls the Batphone on the desk of a security officer outside the courtroom.

  2. We've sold lots of Batphones to the U.S. Secret Service. However, we can't tell you what they are being used for.

  3. We sold several Batphones to Joint Base Andrews, home of Air Force One.  We also sold phones for use in the fake Air Force One used in "House of Cards."


Batphones as seen on TV: