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Photo above shows stately Wayne Manor,

not AbleComm Corporate Headquarters.

This website is operated by AbleComm ("the telecom department store"). We've been in business since 1977, developing and selling a wide variety of phone equipment from many websites.


We provided the phone system for the Gotham City Police Headquarters on Gotham. (left)


We've also supplied prop phones for Mr. Robot, Mad Men, House of Cards, Ellen DeGeneris, Jimmy Kimmel, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock and other TV shows and movies.

Our real phones went to the White House, Empire State Building, pools, schools, parks, hotels, hospitals, fire and police departments, military bases, an oil field, yachts, a submarine, schools, colleges, major corporations, small businesses, and lots of nice people.

We've sold Lucent products to Lucent, a Panasonic phone system to Panasonic and wire to Verizon Wireless.


We've bought from Graybar and Black Box, and sold to Graybar and Black Box. We sent a phone system that was made in Japan to a customer in Japan. Life is strange.


  • PC Magazine said that AbleComm.com  is an "Indispensable site."

  • AbleComm has been recommended in the Telecommunications Industry Association instructor's guide.

  • We earned the highest FIVE STAR rating for "top service" and "superlative quality" from Yahoo.

  • Telephony Design said we are "Highly recommended as a starting point for anybody who is in the market for a new phone system."




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West photo from ComicBook.com

Trump photo from Trump campaign website

TV series photos from ABC TV

Courthouse photo from Library of Congress

Car photo from the Secret Service

AF1 photo from the White House

Wayne Manor photo from  enewsi.com