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Our Genuine Batphones


  1. Phones described as "passive" are generally used for answering only. They can make calls if used with our BatKeypadringdown circuit (for intercom calls) or a phone system with automatic dialing.

  2. Some needed components for "classic" Batphones are no longer made. Your phone may contain a mix of brand-new, New Old Stock, and refurbished components. Unless you open it up or turn it over, you would not know it's not all new. 

  1. Our Batphones are genuine, commercial-quality telephones, made in the USA.

  2. They are not toys or empty shells.

  3. They are provided with cords and plugs and are ready to plug-in and use.

  4. They do not require batteries or electrical outlets.

  5. The light flashes when the phone rings, in rhythm with the ringing.

  6. The whole body of the phone does not flash. It is a real phone, not a TV prop.

  7. Obviously there is no dial or touchtone pad on our Batphones.

  8. They are normally used for answer-only, but they can make calls if connected to a phone system with memory dialing, or our Batphone hotline dialer module, Batkeypad or a ringdown circuit (for intercom use).

  9. The phones normally ring with "mechanical" bells, like the sound that phones made for many years.

  10. If you prefer you can have a silent phone that flashes without making a sound, or select one of our optional sounds.

  11. Our electronic BatSignal is not the same as the sound effect used on the TV show but is similar. The volume can be adjusted from soft to a LOUD SCREECH.

You can see and hear our genuine Batphones on YouTube. 

NOTE:  The volume of our Batsignal (at left) is adjustable. You can make it very loud if you like.

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