We are super-excited to offer the most-asked-for accessory for our famous Batphones.

Now you can make a call to the White House, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, Spider-Man, anyone... just by tapping buttons as with a normal phone.

You can keep the snazzy BatKeypad next to your red phone, or stash it stealthily in a nearby drawer or desktop box and reveal it only when necessary to make calls.

Additional features include Caller ID, memory dialing, hold, flash, internal ringer and even a headset jack. Headsets are sold separately.

Easy plug-in installation. No tools or training are required. We include everything you need, and simple instructions to set up and use it.

It will work with business phone systems, or when directly connected to a line from the phone company or to VoIP service from a cable TV company.

"Ground" shipping is free in the USA.

Accessory Keypad allows calls to be dialed. FREE SHIP


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    West photo from ComicBook.com

    Trump photo from Trump campaign website

    TV series photos from ABC TV

    Courthouse photo from Library of Congress

    Car photo from the Secret Service

    AF1 photo from the White House

    Wayne Manor photo from  enewsi.com