Under U.S. Federal law, your local phone company is required to provide enough power to ring the bells in only up to four standard phones.

We've heard a few reports from people who've bought our Batphones that the power from their phone companies was too weak to flash the lights. Some people have had similar problems when they connected Batphones to office PABX phone systems, or cable TV phone service or VoIP phone service.

Some times these folks were able to get the problems resolved by complaining, but in other cases they were not; and that's why we offer this power booster. It's normally used by people who need to connect more than four phones on a phone line, but it should also solve the Batphone light problem.

It's a handy device that is capable of ringing twelve standard ("1 REN") telephones and does not affect the normal operation of the telephone line or features provided by the phone company, such as Caller ID and Call Waiting.

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